FAQ and Answers

Question: Can I get access to my unit immediately?

Answer: Yes. After you sign the rental agreement and pay 1st months rent, you will have immediate access to your unit. 

Question: What time am I able to access my unit?

Answer: With our surveillance system, we can assure safe and secure access to our facilities 24/7

Question: How do I know what units are available?

Answer: Utilize the "Rent Storage" page on the website to see what units are available or to join a waiting list. You can also contact us directly at 419-967-5785.

Question: How long can I rent a unit/space for?

Answer: No limit on length of rental as long as payment is received. 

Question: How do I make a payment

Answer: Payments can easily be made on our portal using credit, debit or banking draft [ACH] with a checking or savings account. Payments can be scheduled as single, one-time, payments or set as recurring. 

Question: Where is Route 53 Storage Located?

Answer: We are located on Route 53 South right off Route 2 exit 117 toward 53 South/Fremont. Headed west, we are located immediately on the right after the bridge crossing Route 2. There are two entrances, but for safety we ask that all customers enter through the entrance located off Helendale St.